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Songs posted in Utube
NewsI have not posted here in some time but I am glad it's still here. I have posted several songs on Utube. Just type in exactly as shown:
TheWersiman This will take you to my site where I have posted several songs on the Tyros4 and a couple on my Wersi Abacus. Regards, Lloyd
· Tyros2 Nut on June 14 2012 17:11:01 · 0 Comments · 5194 Reads · Print
YPKO Website is Closing
NewsJames Woodcock announced today the closing of YPKO forum and club. It is close down in May.
Perhaps Kenneths site will see
more activity now. That would be nice. That's all I got to say about that. Lloyd (Tyros2 Nut)
· Tyros2 Nut on June 29 2011 23:04:17
0 Comments · 6068 Reads · Print
Another donation
DonationsThank a lot to Benny Birger Jensen for another nice donation to help keep Tyros2.Net alive. The donations helps me keeping the costs for domain, server, etc. down.
· Kenneth on March 31 2011 19:40:21
0 Comments · 6520 Reads · Print
HOT-NewsHi all,
Just ordered a Tyros4 keyboard. Hope you all remember me as Tyros2 Nut.
Happy to be a Yamaha owner again.
Missed my Tyros2 after selling it sometime ago. Would like to hear from all who have purchased a Tyros4. Should have mine about Wednesday of this coming week. Regards, Tyros2 Nut
· Tyros2 Nut on January 13 2011 22:35:26
0 Comments · 6736 Reads · Print
Moving serverpark
NewsMoving serverpark - Saturday 23/10-2010 at 07:00 PM

Saturday 23/10-2010 at 07:00 PM we will move our serverpark from our own datacenter in Nakskov to GlobalConnects new datacenter in Odense. We expect to be online again the night between saturday and sunday at 03:00 AM.

Optimal operational conditions

By moving our serverpark we achive optimal operational conditions in one Denmarks best traffic-centers. We will achive true geographic redundance and the free choice of internet traffic providers.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.
· Kenneth on October 19 2010 22:35:02
0 Comments · 6714 Reads · Print
Site will be down some hours from sunday to monday
NewsThe webhost for this website are going to connect to new fibercable this weekend. This work will start on sunday 7'th march evening to monday 8'th march morning and this website will be down during this operation.
· Kenneth on March 02 2010 12:57:01
0 Comments · 6389 Reads · Print
Another donation from Benny
DonationsThanks a lot to Benny Jensen for another donation to keep alive. Benny have already sent lots of other donations for this site. Wow! - Thanks again Benny!
· Kenneth on December 23 2009 12:10:22
0 Comments · 6555 Reads · Print
Donation from Juhász István
DonationsThanks a to Juhász István (Justivan) for a nice donation to keep Tyros2.Net alive. Juhász is now also a VIP-Member.
· Kenneth on July 02 2009 13:05:00
0 Comments · 6724 Reads · Print
Tyros3 voice pack available from August
NewsTyros3 voice pack available from August 2009. Click [Read more] below to hear more about this.
· Kenneth on April 04 2009 11:39:52
Read More · 0 Comments · 8119 Reads · Print
SIXTH Donation from Klaus Herchenroder
DonationsI'm speachless! Klaus Herchenroder (Hershy) have already sent five big donations to Tyros2.Net and now he sent his SIXT donation. Thanks you very much Klaus! - It's good to see that there are still some that appreciate this website.
· Kenneth on February 20 2009 11:01:30
0 Comments · 6901 Reads · Print
Another donation from Benny Jensen

Today I received another donation from Benny Jensen (BennyBj). In short time, this is the fourht time Benny sends a donation to help keeping Tyros2.Net alive. Thank you very much Benny! Benny is ofcourse a Tyros2.Net VIP-Member.

· Kenneth on November 24 2008 23:21:56
1 Comment · 8033 Reads · Print


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